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Comparison of Diet with UK Dietary Reference Values - Assignment Example

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Susan is a 28-year-old female whose weight has been increasing steadily. Her anthropometric measurements are 1.6 m height and a weight of 79 kg. Despite slimming programmes, she has not been able to maintain weight in the requisite range in the recent years…

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Comparison of Diet with UK Dietary Reference Values

Her support networks are poor, and she prefers a lonely life, and thus it can be suspected that she is isolated due to her depression (Wiederman and Pryor, 2000).
Obviously, her diet is disproportionate to her requirement, and the excess calorie in her diet is contributing to her weight gain. From the history it is apparent that she is binge eating, and given her psychological history, it may be a case of bulimia nervosa (Schlesier-Carter et al., 1989). Since she is ready for a change, a dietary analysis would be needed to examine the imbalance between her current dietary pattern and the requirement for her age, profession, and stature. More importantly, if she is going to an exercise regimen, it would be needed to advise her how much weight she must reduce (Grilo, Masheb, and Berman, 2001). This can be done through the reduction of caloric requirement, and the new dietary advice must contain the maximum permissible calories without affecting the energy requirement. Since bulimia is the suspected cause, there must be provision for handling these issues through appropriate psychotherapeutic interventions (Stice and Fairburn, 2003).
As per UK reference values, Susan belongs to the adult age group, and hence her energy requirements are lower, so are the requirements of energy will be lower, although they vary according to age, gender, and activity level. ...
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