Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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This paper encompasses a discussion on the movie "Amadeus". This movie is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his mysterious death. It also includes the details of his extraordinary life and personality. This discussion will include an examination of his personality and what made him tick as both a man and a musician.


There are many that content this movie depicts a rather inaccurate picture of the genius's life. However, there are many that contend it is not so accurate. This paper will discuss Mozart as he is presented in the film however true to life it may be. No matter how accurate the historical bits are, one cannot deny that Mozart was a truly driven and exotic person. The film tells the incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his story is one that is truly incredible. After viewing the movie, it becomes apparent that the dynamic of Mozart's personality was competition and a drive for perfection. In this case, it was his music that drove him however, there are points in the movie that display his fierce competitions and aim for perfection applied to so many parts of his life it is difficult to distinguish that music was his primary drive after all.
The plot of this movie is far deeper than simply telling the history or life story of Amadeus. Rather it shows the man he was and his eccentric nature and his gift for music. The characters in the film are adorned in lavish costumes that seem almost outlandish at times. The relevance of this is that the costumes in the movie have much in common with the man that the movie is about. ...
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