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Individual Critical Reflection

To the best of our abilities, members of the group adhered to Saunder's (2007) advice regarding primary data collection and sampling procedures. In retrospect, however, and having read much more on data collection, I would have approach the procedure differently. In the first place, in order to ensure the reliability and validity of the primary data, I would have requested permission to audio-record the interviews from the respondents. Not only would this have preserved the respondents' answers as given, rather than their subsequent, possibly biased, reinterpretation from interview notes drawn up by the researchers, but would have evidenced the validity of the data. Further to that, I would also followed Miles and Huberman's (2005) advice concerning the establishment of construct validity. Insofar as the aforementioned necessitates the establishment of a chain of evidence throughout the data collection process, audio-taping the interviews would have been important. It would also have necessitated presenting the respondents with a copy of the study for their review and the verification of information through several sources of information. ...
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Saunders (2007) argues that the value of a research is ultimately predicated on the reliability and validity of its data and findings. Irrespective of the importance of the problem under investigation or the resources which entered into the completion of the research, if the research(s) have not established the validity and reliability of their data and findings, their research is, ultimately, questionable and, hence, looses much of its potential value…
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