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Essay example - Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

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Diseases have become very common among human beings. The severity of the disease largely determines the treatment of the disease. Thanks to science and technology that there are best of medications available at the disposal of human beings. This paper will focus upon hand foot and mouth disease…

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HFMD is very often confused with foot and mouth disease but foot and mouth disease is predominant in cattle and sheep. This disease is also found in swine and it is also known as hoof and mouth disease. It is very important not to confuse between these two diseases. There are various symptoms with which the HFMD starts. The most common symptom is fever and loss of appetite. Sore throat is another symptom of this disease but fever is the most common of all the symptoms. This disease is basically caused because of the entero virus genus. This is a communicable disease and spreads when an infected person comes in contact with a healthy person. The virus spreads through contact like handshake etc. HFMD is mutually exclusive to human beings and the disease does not spread either from or to animals. To the dismay of many people who are affected with this disease, it is found that there is no specific treatment for this disease. The following part of the paper will discuss the preventive measures and the possible treatment of this disease.
When a person gets fever and is feared to have this disease, it is best to reduce the fever first and this can be done by taking antibiotics. The affected people often experience pain in this disease but this can also be dealt with by taking appropriate medicines like ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter pain relievers. ...
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