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Essay example - Impact of work on routine

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The advent of factories led to a fundamental shift in society. The introduction of efficient mechanized production techniques resulted in cheaper products produced much faster. There was no competition; individuals were forced to work-at the factories.
This objectification was furthered by the mechanistic work structures and the tendency to reward those who "caught on" quickest…

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An individual became a mere cog in the wheel, interchangeable, and dependent on the others to get his job completed.
Still, there is the subjective culture, referring to aspects of the objective culture that an individual has integrated into his life based on their own set of ideals, morals, ethics and values. The subjective culture resists pigeonholing.
Today's culture experiences the industrial sublime-an awe for streamlined functionalism in machines "large enough to be a mesmerizing part of the landscape and powerful enough to kill you" (Fox, 2001)-and it is difficult to maintain a connection with the subjective self.
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