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Essay example - Nike Case study Analyzing and Discussing

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This paper is about a case analysis of Nike Inc., the sports gear giant. The paper discusses the various crisis situations which hit the company in the recent past and also attempts to discuss the different measures taken by the company to handle such situations and help improve its market share and brand value…

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is a company that has come to symbolize both the benefits and the risks inherent in globalization. During the year 1998, the company was under attack for allegedly exploiting overseas factory workers. In the past few years, the Nike Corporation has offered a microcosm of the issues surrounding consumerism and the global free market economy. Nike, like many other corporations from the economized world, has been criticized for exploiting laborers in manufacturing plants relocated to less economized societies. This exploitation has appeared grosser in that they are producing luxury products for over consumptive economized societies and disproportionally reward their star endorsers with lucrative contracts. The mounting criticism and campaigns against Nike, however, have not had much impact on a key part of their market, urban African-America (Watts, 2000). Poor African Americans understandably have some difficulty extending concern for abuses of workers overseas when the injustices they face in their own country are similarly acute. Although multinationals are eager to pursue the opportunities of increased global integration, they are increasingly aware of the reactions which their strategies induce - both at home and abroad. ...
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