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emarketing - Essay Example

Author : zachary43
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Amazon is an e-commerce company that was the first and leading company to have successfully sold products through the internet. They have been in this business since a number of years and now they are endeavoring to enter a new market that sells products digitally over the internet…

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This essay is a critical evaluation of their entry strategy and also an analysis of their entry strategy with models included to improve their strategy regarding e-marketing.
Amazon is an American based company situated in Seattle, Washington. It was the first leading e-commerce company that successfully sold products online. The company was booming until the downfall of the IT industry in 1990's and it had to face serious criticism from all sides. But the company faced the tests of time and emerged victorious after making a profit again in 2003. The founder of, Jeff Bezos started this company in 1995 as only an online book store but gradually the company diversified into new product categories. Amazon is now a virtual multinational since it has its separate websites in many companies around the world, namely; Japan, U.K. Germany, Austria, France, Canada and China. The site is accessible worldwide and it is a global company that is capable of shipping products all around the globe. Today Amazon is a huge name in the e-commerce industry and also a leading company in its genre. Currently, the company has been vying to enter into e-marketing that is selling products digitally over the internet instead of shipping them to every part of the globe. ...
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