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Essay example - Process Centered Management

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Through a process of manufacturing and supply to the end user, a product or service follows a sequential chain of events otherwise known as processes, in order to plan, design and implement a fool proof method of directing the flow of information and materials throughout this structure of process centered management…

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This has been regarded as an emerging trend where work in progress is concerned owing to the fact that it provides observations of a revolution that's only just begun. The natural leaders are among the first to have taken to and moving already from a procedure-based culture towards a process-based culture; from micro to macro; from a microscopic view to a telescopic view. Procedure-based task analysis has now been very systematically replaced by process-related performance technology where it is now believed that the kinds of work that people do, the jobs they hold, the skills they need, the careers they follow, the roles managers play, the principles of strategy that enterprises follow will shift towards handling processes that they are most suited to. The shift has been carried forth from the revolution of ideals, in which the key word is radical, to the organized reworking of a society in need, in which the key word is process.
Apart from banking, process centered management has been extremely effective in the IT industry as well. ...
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