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Personal Statement example - Volunteering Service

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High school
Personal Statement
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The volunteering I did at Lake After Hours offered me good hands-on experience. My services here included aiding physician assistants in draining abscesses, suturing and sanitizing open wounds, or holding pediatric patients for examination. I also helped in bandaging burn victims, casting broken bones, immobilizing torn ligaments etc…

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While volunteering in the ER, Dr. Do and Dr. Anders taught me how to perform physical exams, order necessary labs/x-rays, analyze results, diagnose patients, and prescribe necessary medication. They showed me how to handle different types of patients, from drug users and mentally ill to trauma and cardiac arrest cases. I also did some shadowing in the neonate intensive care unit where I witnessed c-sections as well as natural births. Here, I learned how to read neonate vitals and labs. My experience in ER enabled me to analyze results and evaluate the need for further testing and ordering it besides advising the increase or cessation of medication.
In my current assignment in blood bank I work with a wide range of patients. With neonates, my duties vary from preparing syringes of blood, platelet, and plasma to testing cord blood for detecting hemolytic disease in newborns. I also do blood sample typing and cross matching with adults to ensure transfusion compatibility for surgery, obstetrical, oncology, sickle, and trauma cases. Besides, I have learned how to inspect package tissues and bones for preparing the patients for surgeries. During trauma cases, I remain in constant interaction with nurses and physicians to test and bring necessary blood products timely to the emergency room.
I received an honors award from LSU-HSC ...
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