Sociology - group experiment

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The group was assigned to conduct an experiment of our design to be able to fully appreciate the social phenomenon of expectations and the assumption that there is a common understanding between people. Our plan was to determine the reactions people would have if we did something 'unusual' or something that was unexpected.


Immediately almost everyone's attention was turned to us, the pace at which people danced slowed down. Some people looked directly at us and others stared at us through the corner of their eye. 2 couples left the dance floor and the rest continued looking at us either directly or indirectly and were obviously talking about what we were trying to do or our reason for doing this. When the song ended we left the dance floor and nobody approached us later to ask what we were doing.
Our basic assumption was that those in the dance floor would expect us to be dancing to the tune of the song being played. Perhaps, they thought, they would have other party goers which they can grind with and show their dance moves. Maybe we were even interested in becoming acquaintances. We assumed that talking and drinking in the dance floor would have the impression of unusualness that would reveal their expectations regarding our assumed behavior.
The theoretical and academic framework underlying the breaching experiment is the sociological field of ethnomethodology. It is the study of the way in which people maintain the present social order. It is a contrast to the belief that human behavior is caused by external causal factors or internalized motivations.
According to Brinkerhoff, White, Ortega and Weitz (2006), Ethnomethodology stresses that active reaso ...
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