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Origins of global warming

These trapped gases are called greenhouse gases. The human activities create carbon dioxide CO2 which is a type of a greenhouse gas that slows the escape of heat from the earth. Trees and plants contribute a lot in removing these gases from the environment through photosynthesis. However, due to illegal logging and other similar activities, there are only fewer trees and plants today. Aside from human activities, it is also proven that natural processes also cause global warming. These processes include the increase of energy given off by the sun due to depletion of the ozone layer. The effects of this phenomena is resulting in to animals change of habitats, impairment of ocean life, weather damage, rising sea level, changes in crop yield, and threats to human health. Extensive alteration of temperature among habitats causes animals less possibility to adapt with the environment. Warmer waters increase the stress and spread diseases on the marine ecosystem. Global warming causes a large amount of ice to melt and leads to higher sea level. Many crop plants can not tolerate higher temperature and eventually die. Lastly, tropical diseases among human beings such as malaria and dengue are more visible to larger regions. Intense heat waves, drought and floods increase number of people die due to hunger, malnutrition, heat stroke and other illnesses. ...
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The simplest definition of Global Warming is as an atypical increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface. It is discerned in the present time that global warming is one of the issues that is predominant and should take into consideration. The main cause of this as divulged by climatologists is human activities…
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