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Essay example - Historical development of Continental Philosophy

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During the 19th century, when Hegel developed his theories of idealism, and when the notions of Continental Philosophy were being explored by men like Nietzche and Husserl, much was taking place in the world. The primary focus was on the way the world was changing, mostly because of the Industrial Revolution in Europe…

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This resulted in Hegel's theories, as well as the deeper focus on existentialism and phenomenology.
Hegel's idealism, also known as Absolute Idealism, has severely affected society at large. The primary reason for this is because Hegel's work developed the framework for both Marxism and Darwin's Evolutionary Theory. Hegel's notions start with the idea that knowledge does not have the ability to explain itself; therefore human beings must trust their senses to understand knowledge. The mind also comes into play here, because the mind processes all senses, and thus becomes the primary focus of knowledge. Hegel believed that humans must contradict themselves in order to form a new way of thinking. To further explain this, Hegel burrowed the idea of the Absolute Ego from Fichte and renamed it the Absolute Spirit; to Hegel this meant that the earth cannot be measured based on personality. Hegel heavily believed in Pantheism and attributed this to the absolute spirit; basically, Hegel believed that God was in everything. This belief is a reflection of a Romantic view, and was a movement in the 19th century in direct result of the Industrial Revolution occurring in Europe. ...
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