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Pregnancy as it pertains to MRI - Essay Example

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Magnetic resonance imaging or what we usually call MRI is a method of obtaining extreme detailed images of organs and tissues throughout the body without the use of an x-rays. This technique makes use of a powerful magnetic field, radio waves, a continuously varying magnetic field and a computer system to illustrate and identify the presence of any injury or disease process…

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Pregnancy as it pertains to MRI

These particles produce signals due to Radio waves that are collected by a receiver within the scanner. These signals are characterized with the use of varying magnetic field and are further processed by a computer in order to create ultra sharp images of tissues in the form of "slices" that can be viewed in any plane and from any direction.
The key advantage of MRI is that it causes no pain and the responsible magnetic fields cause no damage of any kind to human tissues. The MR scanner used may generate considerably loud tapping or knocking noises during the process but it can be prevented using earplugs. A patient can easily communicate with the technologist or radiologist at any instant with the use of an intercom.
The magnetic field generated in the MR system is quite powerful and will attract Ferro-magnetic objects and can cause them to move suddenly and with a considerable force. Thus, there can be a risk to the person in the flight path of the object. ...
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