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Primary Education Idenification of 3 targets associated with pedagogy in prepartion for 8 week teaching experience in a mainstream primary setting - Essay Example

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Primary Education Idenification of 3 targets associated with pedagogy in prepartion for 8 week teaching experience in a mainstream primary setting

The analysis will be done in presenting the implications that these three teaching targets may have on the practitioner.
It well know that circle time is "a group activity in which any number of people (although anything up to about twenty is most practical) sit down together with the purpose of furthering understanding of themselves and of one another." Usually the practitioners engage in this sort of normal activity with the purpose of "building bridges", enhancing the dialogue between teachers and students or among the students themselves. According to teachers net, this technique that practitioners undertake seems to work for elementary and secondary students, but the practitioner needs to pay attentions to the cases when the circle time does not works and "avoid pitfalls".
"A Circle time has known a lot history and since that ...
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Nowadays, there are many forms of classroom management, and ways of assessing hat the students have learned in such as way that the path to communication between the students and their practitioners remains always open. Some of these methods such as 'circle time' have the purpose not only to teach the children a certain knowledge , but to create critical thinkers and individuals who can master their knowledge ; as the same time, these methods also show how it can affect the relationship between the student and the practitioners during the learning process.
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