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The Person Who Influenced Me Most

Though it is often said and once mentioned by Anand that all male child tries to copy his father and wants to follow his path (Anand 324) but for me what was most influential aspect was the notion that I realized the potential of unlimited prospect that true hard work can get.
When I write this article about him I feel like being privileged just by being his son and being his son certainly gives me head on start from the beginning right from the start of my life with positive attitude and with the right formulation of perspective towards life. But when my father started off during his early years he had to make his own way out of his local environment. He had his time hard and he fought his battle hard to reach the level of huge success in life.
My father is loved by all despite being a tough task master just because he is a perfect gentleman and it is his certain level of dignified sense of humor that makes him well received among his colleagues and subordinates. Life at the top can be very lonely and in this manner he could be enumerated as a lonely person in himself but he never reveals this and makes up the entire matter by spending quality time with the family whenever it is possible for him.
In conclusion it can be summed up in a nutshell that my father can be defined as a well respected person who has reached the crescendo of life and at present despit ...
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The focal point of this paper is to describe a person that has had a profound impact on me and the way I look at the world. That person in my life is my father. I am an international male student from South Korea. My gender is male. Where I stand today is due to the fact that there was my father to guide me all my life…
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