The Characters Tyler and Jack in Fight Club and Calvin and Hobbes

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Analysis of literature in a creative way requires some seriousness of thought. Here it will be attempted to link excerpts from the script Fight Club and the philosophies of John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.
The major link between the two will be demonstrated through the ethical and moral scruples of the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes, which will be described further in detail later on herein.


Consumerism, in Fight Club, is seen as an obsessive quality. What really seems to "matter" is money. The American mindset is not focused on what the rest of the world is concerned about-survival. Rather, it is concentrated on name-brand products and who has the biggest toys in the sandbox.
This points to an overall problem with the American cultural way of thinking. In general, Americans place too much emphasis on success by how much money one makes, what kind of car one drives, and so on and so forth. The fact is, Americans are driven by an inward-directed fear that they will not be financially successful and that is what drives Americans to be workaholics.
What the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes is really trying to chip away at is the fact that our values system as Americans is misplaced. While Calvin is a boy focused on playing and doing the things a boy likes to do, his friend and stuffed tiger Hobbes is just along for the ride-much like Tyler and Jack in Fight Club. Tyler, like Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes, is the sort of mastermind of the entity that is Tyler and Jack.
Like Calvin has ...
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