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Learning and Growth

I was lucky enough to find an entrepreneur and a friend of my mother, who was not only well known but also deputy chair of the Entrepreneur Association, to accompany me to municipal office for arranging to complete many formalities. I also mobilized a very dedicated employee of my mother's company to help me on deciding the price of shares to be sold and also work as a liaison between my family and the management of the company.
I believe that was one of my biggest accomplishment because of my relative inexperience in different things like management, finance and other things, I was still able to mobilize people to accomplish one of the challenging tasks of my life. I believe this also provided me an opportunity to show and hone my nature leadership skills as I achieved things beyond my capacity.
It was during 2007 when I was project manager for the renovation of Translation Planning and Management System, a tool used for managing IBM globalization and localization processes. ...
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Leadership is something which gives you strength and opportunity to build teams to solve many critical problems. I got the same opportunity too when, in August 2006, my mother suffered stroke and her doctors recommended a long period of recovery for her. I was thrown into a difficult situation of handling a personal tragedy as well as managing a company which she successfully ran for quite some time.
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