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Preliminary investigation report

The company's target markets include local clients as well clients from foreign countries.
The company's mission is to be able to offer innovative, web-based software products for land and water resource managers requiring efficient information access for operational, tactical and strategic planning.
In more specific terms, the company's long-term objectives include t he following points. Within 5 years, the company's hope to earn $10 million in gross revenues, have an annual profit of 30% after tax, increase forest industry market share by 15% annually in BC and Western US, penetrate one new vertical market per year, be able to maintain the growth rate of in the vertical market by adding one project or client on an annual basis, and break into the international market by snagging a minimum of international projects per year in Asia.
Several concerns and opportunities were mentioned. The first is to establish the company as a household name when it comes to land management software. The company also hopes to establish itself as a big brand name in providing consultancy services, training, and customization in the said field.
In order to establish itself as a market leader in the local scen ...
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The company envisions itself as a major player and as a quality developer of web-based software solutions and services for natural resources and land managers in the local market and eventually in the global market. Aside from this, the company wants to be recognized as an expert in terms of consultancy services, a training provider and software customization.
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Preliminary investigation report Essay
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