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financial advocacy in grades 112

Also at the grade level, there are both private and public schools which should be taken as expanding the scope of basic knowledge given to the young children.
According to Peterson (2007, a society that seeks for financial responsibility must involve the young people in the decision making that concerns their future. The future decisions are dependent on the way a young person will be able to comprehend the value of the decision being made for his/her welfare.
The age, at which the grades covers are receptive to new ideas, therefore the learning would not go to waste i.e. pre-school, nursery school or head start, as well as junior high school (middle school) fits well in the same category. Kindergarten covers age 5-6, grade one covers age 6-7, grade two covers age 7-8, grade three covers age 8-9, grade four covers age 9-10, grade five covers age 10-11 and grade six covers age 11-12.Junior high school and high school are in many places merged in to one consisting of a high school with grades 8-12.
The senior public which consists of grades 7 and 8, with ages 12-13, grade eight (freshman year) ages 13-14, grade nine (sopho ...
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Education is a provincial responsibility, thereby calling for contributions from all education stakeholders. Education from grade one (age 6) to grade twelve (age17), is free and all children are required to attend school until the age of 16. According to Peterson (2007), teenage is the age at which children are the most receptive to new ideas, due to the anxiety they harbor concerning maturity and demonstrations of responsibility to their parents as well as the society at large…
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