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The Giver By lois lowry

The Giver slowly began to shake his head, and then stood up. Putting his arm around Jonas, they both began to walk the load road to what ever it was lay beyond. The Giver turned his head back and looked upon the city once more, and softly began to sob as him and Jonas began their walk to escape.
"Jonas, I have seen them. The people, they do not know how to deal with the memories that were unleashed with our leaving. Chaos has near erupted, and they have are not dealing with the memories well. They need one of us to help them."
Jonas fluttered his eyes as he awoke to the Giver's words. All he had wanted was escape, and now he felt compelled to return to the one place he wished not to. They should feel these feelings he thought, they should know what the world truly is. But his own conscience and feelings got the best of him, and in his heart Jonas knew the Giver was right. As much as he wanted to be as far apart from the horrible world he left behind, he owed it to them to help them deal with the memories and feelings he had left them. He did not wish to do this, however he knew it was the right thing to do.
The journey was as difficult was it was the first time. The country side and the rough terrain made Jonas doubt this was worth it at all. The first trip has been barely impossible for the aging Giver, and with every step he looked as if he were one step closer to his own grave. ...
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It seemed the night's original plans could not have gone any worse. Along ever step in the plan Jonas found difficulty and challenge. He overcame however, and The Giver was hiding him in the back of the car when the door was shut and locked with the Giver and Jonas both inside.
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