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Coursework example - develop work priorities bsbcmn402a final assessment task a

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b. Through the responsibility handled in keeping record of the different items that are released and kept within the area of warehousing system of the organization, the author of this skills demonstration paper realizes his capability to handle the pressure of keeping every number of items within the area into writing so as to ensure of the organization's profit from the products that they are releasing to the market…

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c. Through coming up with a systematic sense of handling the materials that are used and distributed by the organization for better market service, the author of this assessment was able to further improve his capability to manage the process of keeping good care of the items that the organization give much importance to while securing the financial values of the company.
a. Performs duties as alternate safety advisor performs weekly and monthly fire extinguisher and emergency wash stations inspections in battery charging areas. The main idea of the enhancement of the capability to handle safety measures is to remain aware of the ways by which the equipments and other electrical appliances used by the organization for business operation are in top condition. Taking control of this responsibility enhances the awareness of the author making it easier for him to constantly assure of the safety he needs protecting himself and the people working around him.
c. ...
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