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This paper aims at finding certain solutions for an organization Drugs Inc. in terms of motivation of employees, productivity goals, employee behavior and finally organization development. In any organization, success is contingent on how well its employees perform.


But this will not assure satisfactory performance. Recruitment, selection and training typically focus only on the ability side; thus a major missing ingredient is one's willingness. Motivation then becomes a process of activating this potential in all the employees. While motivation refers to the drive and effort to satisfy a want or a goal, satisfaction refers to the contentment experienced when a want is satisfied. From a management point of view, a person might have high job satisfaction but a low level of motivation for the job, or the reverse might be true. Understandably, the probability is that a highly motivated person with low job satisfaction will only express poor quality in his job. The yet another factor affecting the productivity of an employee is his attitude. Attitudes and values differ among workers and employers, rich and poor people, accountants and engineers. This variety makes it difficult for managers to design an environment conducive to performance and satisfaction.
We shall discuss the impact of motivation levels of workers in an organization, its impact on productivity, the attitude levels of workers which play a vital role on the motivation levels and finally how to achieve the best performance out of an employee by highly motivating him.
"Organizations today are recognizing ...
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