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Data Analysis (Applied Research Method)

r = -0.202, -0.074, -0.085, -0.404 and -0.176 respectively. Finally we observe that total leisure miles per household per year also negatively correlates with the variables number of public transport users in household and household public transport miles per week i.e. calculated as r = -0.05 and -0.161 respectively.
C4: Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed). A correlation coefficient of r = 0.889 indicates a very good linear relationship between household car miles per year and total suburban domestic CO2 kg emissions per household per annum. Since r2 = 0.7903, we can say that about 79% of the variation in the household car miles per year is accounted for by a linear relationship with total suburban domestic CO2 kg emissions per household per annum.
C5: r = -0.16 is the least strongly correlated correlation coefficient value which has measured by number of public transport users in household verses total suburban domestic CO2 kg emissions per household per annum.
C6: Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). A correlation coefficient of r = -0.16 indicates a strongly weak linear relationship between number of public transport users in household and total suburban domestic CO2 kg emissions per household per annum.
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Twelve out of 36 independent correlations are observed to be negative correlations. In which number of public transport users in household negatively correlates with total city CO2 emissions per household per annum, number of household members, average household income per annum, number of cars per household and household car miles per year i.e…
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