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I also aspire to become a successful individual by earning due recognition as an expert in the field in which I'm passionate. And in order to prepare myself for a successful career ahead I have set for myself, some goals which I intend to achieve in due course.
1. Lose 15 pounds of Weight: Today's life is full of activity, tense moments, stressful working, competitive environment etc. which calls for a physique fit enough to take long hours of working together with a host of other activities. I have the fortune of growing in a jolly good environment which helped me gaining a few pounds more. Though I am fit enough to work for hours together, but I sincerely feel that I need to control my body weight so that in the years ahead the backbone doesn't have to bear excessive load. I plan to lose about 15 pounds of my body weight within the next one year, which will help me in finding the professional look. In the corporate world, physical appearance also matters, but for a young female it becomes an added advantage if she could maintain the balancing act. I am aware that even to lose the weight I need to consult dieticians and experts, so that I could do it in a manner acceptable to my body and I could sustain the slim and trim look for a long period ahead.
2. To be 'Well Read' and Read Critically: Internet and IT are the buzzwords today. ...
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Today we are living in a very fast paced and competitive society, characterized by an era of globalization, where competition and quality consciousness are the key words. Therefore, in order to succeed the individual has to prepare herself for the emerging situations physically, mentally and emotionally…
Author : mabellehyatt

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