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Essay example - the marketing communications (or promotional) mix

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Customer satisfaction is the primary aim of marketing. In focusing on the future, the enterprise ensures the best possible chance of attaining long-term stability and competitive standing. The marketing mix of the company is not solely focused on the knowing the needs of the customers, but the company is also extending effort in knowing its customers more through the establishment of a better customer care and consulting services (Jobber, 2007)…

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A combination of email and website work can give high impact, high relevance, and high reach, must form a key part of any communication strategy (Boylaud, 2000).
The most influential marketing communication elements are the advertising tools which include television, Internet, print and radio along with the traditional marketing efforts to support the contemporary means of advertising will allow the company to get the best of online and offline advertising. As such, direct marketing has never been as precise, powerful and popular as it is today (Palmer,2004). With its new applications to database marketing, global commerce and the internet, it is no longer an option for company officers and marketing executives; it is a necessity. Direct marketing has grown beyond its roots in traditional mail order to embrace a host of new technologies, customer relationship building techniques and performance measures set the bar for the future of marketing communications. ...
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