Toll fraud And Prevention

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2. Problem Setting - Telephone or mobile is a technology that almost everyone uses in the home, at work or on the move. Traditionally, telephone is a simple one-to-one or one to many communication technology but it is now offered with enhancements that include video, chat, file passing and file sharing where suppliers are attempting to present a complete communication environment over mobile or landline.


The intention is therefore is to fool the company and the colleague to satisfy his personal needs rather than the intended use.
4. Real-World Target - Increase the awareness among the employees and other telephone users about the nefarious activity of toll fraud and hence help prevent identity theft occurring and therefore reducing cases of fraud.
6. Speculation - Toll fraud might be combated in several ways: user training, detection schemes, regular monitoring of internal extensions and issuing a personal authorization code for every employee according to the requirement and only then any long distance call be matured. Sending bills regularly to the employee and ensuring payment for the calls made for personal use.
7. Intended Project Outcome - my expected form of outcome will be a set of guidance notes for all the employees and also individuals using the public switched telephone network on effective strategies to use (including examples) in the event of a Toll fraud incident occurring.
8. Design for Collecting Primary Data - Any employee making an outbound call will be tracked by his authorization code and the extension from where he is making an out bound call. With this we can track the person trying to fool the company and the colleagues pass code to make outbound call. ...
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