Pope Pius, Ten Rules on Prohibited Books

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1. This document can be classified as a decree. The term 'decree' is in fact, archaic as it refers to legislation in the form of a Brief or Bull issued by the Pope. Documents such as these had an effect of a law as the Roman Congregation was given the power to issue a 'decree' within the boundaries of their authority (Dunford, 34).


2. This document was written by the congregation during the Council of Trent, a convention of Catholic leaders, theological and Bible scholars of the Catholic Church and church dignitaries. Councils - the assembly of the Catholic dignitaries and which include Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops - are usually presided by the Apostolic See or the Pope. Pope Pius V presided in the assembly of the Council of Trent. The decrees developed from the Council sessions were sanctioned, issued and confirmed by the Pope (J. Donovan, 3).
3. The Ten Rules on Prohibited Books was written in 1546 during the ecumenical assembly of The Council of Trent. The Council convened in 1545 and thereafter had three sessions presided by three popes. It culminated in 1563. In 1564, Pope Pius V formally confirmed all decrees from the three sessions and promulgated them. This decree, The Ten Rules on Prohibited Books, is part of the decrees produced by the Council (McHugh, Callan, 13).
4. The Council of Trent produced the Ten Rules on Prohibited Books as a response to the Reformation movement led by the prominent Protestant reformists such as Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. ...
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