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Canada Risk Analysis

In the last decade party leaders have sought to remedy this situation. To remain an attractive partner in multilateral economic arrangements, Canada must struggle to stay competitive (Zimmerman, 2008).
Legal environment is favorable for international companies, thus Canada is a US oriented companies with strong cultural and economic relations with the USA partners. Among the major federated states, Canada is the most loosely organized. Constitutionally, the provinces have jurisdiction over matters related to education, culture, and natural resources, and so they have a voice in foreign policies affecting these concerns. Because Canada lacks the equivalent of the "interstate commerce" provision of the U.S. Constitution, even trade between the provinces is not entirely free of encumbrances; thus in trade matters, also, Ottawa is somewhat fettered in dealing with other governments. Furthermore, because Canada lacks the equivalent of the principle that treaties override other domestic legislation (embodied in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Missouri vs. Holland, 1920) Ottawa's diplomatic authority is weak (Zimmerman, 2008).
Exchange and repatriation of funds risks In Canada there is no currency restrictions placed on the repatriation o ...
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Political, Legal, and Regulatory risks Canada is one of the developed economies with stable growth rates and low risks. According to FITA analysis (2008), political and economic risks in Canada are low. Fortunately for Canada's economy the immigrants have brought skills and industriousness to respond with great effectiveness to their new economic opportunities…
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