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Essay example - Managing Schools Corporate Image - a Case Study in University

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Your identity is who you really are-and your image is how much of that reality people understand the daunting boundaries of language and culture. (http:/, para 2 & 5)
Corporate image and identity comes hand in hand to make up a desired audience perception towards the corporation…

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Just as any other corporations present in the community, pedagogical institutions are not exempted from this common situation in the community. It is necessary for educational institutions to project a good image and identity towards the community since they are considered responsible in shaping the future of every nation.
As simple as these two ideas may seem yet in reality, this is one of the most difficult and the most complex challenges that a business may face that concerns management these days. In order to address this challenge, every organization must understand and recognize the importance of corporate image and identity. (, para 4)
In order to make sure that the company is developing the reputation it seeks from the community, the need for perfectly aligning these two elements - corporate image and corporate identity, is held necessary furthermore considered to be the only way of attaining such expectations. (, para 2 & 5)
"Identity goes to the heart of how a company creates value in the marketplace and in the financial markets. In a nutshell, that is the very essence of image management". This key element in building the reputation of the organization includes the organization's purpose, its vision, its strategy and its business objectives. ...
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