Marketing in Luxury Cars - Case Study Example

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Marketing in Luxury Cars

The ad has a creative bent helped by the tag "Engineered Mischief" which shows the car driving along and in the process casting a shadow shaped like a pitchfork. The advertising copy reads: "Born with a silver pitchfork in its mouth."
In terms of consumer behavior, the focus of the Porsche Cayman print ad is targeted on persons who have a heavy substance and style. The Porsche Cayman cars are known for quality and performance advantage over most American-made cars. This constant superior car performance of the Porsche Cayman puts a high premium on these brands of cars. The Porsche Cayman wants to reinforce their sophisticated, high-class image by advertising and promotion that is highly focused on persons with status and privilege.
In terms of over-all strategy, the marketing of this car is directed to the wealthy businessmen and executives as shown by the ad copy. The ad is directed to both the young and mature businessmen and executives as shown by the visual image of the devil's pitchfork which connotes great excitement, fun, breaking the barriers and adventure for the targeted market. The distribution of the car is handled by well-trained dealers.
The print ads that the being introduced, each focusing on one of the pillars of the campaign. ...
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Marketing and advertising promotions influence car buyers in many different ways. Product placements, "buzz" campaigns, and sponsored and independent Web sites influence buyers at different points in the purchase process. Marketers adopt something like the just-in-time approach that is best practice…
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