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Essay example - Questionnaire for Bachelor Thesis with topic JSR170 and the Content Management Industry

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Please cross the relevant option only in the box provided. Please answer all questions. There are a set of statements made under every major head. These statements could be relevant and important to you or may not be. Please mark to what extent these are important…

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This would help in analyzing the advantages with respect to the size of the company, nature of business, database employed and also on the turnover. This would help in understanding whether the companies of similar traits think alike or differently; if so why
Answers to be evaluated in line with the standard evaluation practices of assigning 1 for very unimportant and 5 for very important. Based on these numeric assignments of the choice, the other factors are also evaluated in line with the grouping and the related questions. Answers for specific groups could be averaged and viewed as a relevancy factor for the heading / group from the specific company type / size.
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