Allergic Asthma

Case Study
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It is stated, that asthma takes one of the leading positions among the allergic diseases, so widely spread at present. It is known to be one of the major reasons of chronic complications and disabilities in the world. 'Chronic allergic conditions can significantly decrease quality of life, patient well-being, employee productivity, and school performance and attendance'.


In 2001, 73 people per 1000 were diagnosed to have chronic allergic asthma with the help of the medical professional; this is current prevalence of allergic asthma. What is more interesting to note, is that the prevalence of allergic asthma among minorities is disproportionably higher than among the native population. This may be explained by the social conditions, which often define the general state of health and immune system among patients from ethnic minorities. Asthma was also one of the leading diagnoses in the hospitalizations, and its morbidity was equal to 1.6 per 100,000 of the native population. Thus, accounting the noted information the importance and relevance of the present discussion is not under any doubt. (Adams, Smith & Ruffin, 2001)
first of all, the process of diagnosis and its confirmation is clinical, and there are no blood tests, histopathological or radiographic investigations which can be performed to confirm the suggested asthma.
Mrs. H addressed the doctor for medical assistance in 2004. ...
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