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The new role of the European Union as peacekeeper

Yet, through its shared power it has decision making authority to act on behalf of its member states while holding no sovereign or military power of its own. While this may be true, there are also strengths involved in this configuration. Unlike an individual sovereign state which is limited by its own resources and individual structure, the EU can draw on a vast array of resources when necessary from each of its member states. This unique quality through coordinated efforts has the potential of ensuring a powerful tool in the peacekeeping missions required in today’s volatile world (Gourlay 404). As such, delving into the policy making and decision making responsibilities the EU has poses some interesting questions when it comes to international peacekeeping responsibilities. The decisions on how the EU handled international peacekeeping interventions and how it has evolved into a world class example of a peacekeeper will be shown. Additionally on its path through these various initiatives unique challenges faced by the EU and its membership will be discussed as well as a look towards the future face of the EU as a major shareholder in the peace process worldwide. The EU has successfully navigated uncharted water with its original hierarchy. Throughout this essay we will examine how the EU has accomplished some milestones well. There have been bumps in the road but as will be evidenced, the EU keeps moving to the future and a safer more secure world for us all. According to Bono the lines get even further blurred when examining this issue. ...
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Europe has a rich, long history, and with any entity with a past one will assuredly find conflict. Europe has seen its share of turmoil, but has for decades also seen the purpose and promise of a unified front. In 1992 the Treaty of Maastricht (Beginnings) was signed which gave birth to a new form of shared governance and a cooperative spirit amongst the European community. The European Union (EU) was born. …
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