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practice management and leadership - Essay Example

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On a philosophical level, this new era is identified by a rejection of absolute truths and grand narratives used to explain the progressive evolution of society. At the same time it post modern…

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practice management and leadership

Post-modern thinking has become somewhat lost in it’s the celebration of differences rather than focusing on the searching for commonality. The post modern society is leading to the development of post modern organisational structures which are being used as contrasts to bureaucratic forms of organisation, which were unable to cope with the demands of the post modern condition.
These organisations are loosely coupled, fluid, organic, and less rigid instead of the static and mechanistic bureaucratic structures that have traditionally preoccupied organisations. Also in the post modern organization, there is a reduction in the number of people working in specific operational roles, while employment in professional, knowledge based roles has risen when compared to older organizations of the past.
On a purely theorist level, the post modern organization does not and cannot exist. For example, from a post modern perspective, a contemporary form of organization would put little emphasis on planning and control and would create an essentially chaotic and reactive environment. But this extreme example cannot be allowed to rule in today’s businesses, since most organizations today spend a large amount of their time and money on rationally calculating things like which market to move into, which firm to swallow up, etc.
It would be valid to conclude that at this present time we can witness a mixture of modern and post modern forms in most organizations. This way of being can develop into a more open, and pliable organization. But then of course this so called openness can cause many uncertainties. Thus the role of design management has come to embody the ways in which organizations are redesigning themselves in order to free the workers from bureaucratic shackles and become the involved, fluid and connected ‘post modern’ ...
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