Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn: The influence on the human rights movement: historical aspect - Essay Example

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Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn: The influence on the human rights movement: historical aspect

However, it is important to note, that these two personalities had strong disagreements between each other and in reality moved drastically different ways, using different means of influence on the world community. I think that both of them have created unique impact on the history of USSR and the history of human rights in the world – they were first to open to the world politics and general public the truth of the Soviet totalitarian regime; they were the first who, risking their lives tried to influence the inner regime, in which they lived, addressing the foreign community an asking them for assistance. However, and what I will try to prove in this work, Sakharov seems to have come closer to his goal, and the present situation in Russia partially proves this and partially owes him for the freedom which people now have in their views and expressions; being less radical he was different from Solzhenitsyn, who ultimately and probably invisibly for himself, moved to the goal of reviving the imperialism from the goal of reviving human rights.
Sakharov's doctrine and his impact on the détente
In his striving to protect human rights in the USSR, Sakharov displayed better understanding of the real situation and his influence on the détente in the USSR was much greater than that of Solzhenitsyn.
The thesis about the continuous connection between peace, international security and human rights was the central in the system of Sakharov's views. This thesis started to be formed at the beginning of 70s, with Brezhnev – Nixon's policy of détente, and as its alternative. ...
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The present paper will be based on the assumption that in Russian dissident movement, the greatest progress in human rights revival and protection was made not by Solzhenitsyn, but by Sakharov. …
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