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Essay example - public relation

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The complexity of modern corporate activities has led to the creation of an extended net of public relations companies that offer to their clients the chance to be developed in their market faster than if they were based solely on their personal efforts. On the other hand, it…

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ns having democratically oriented cultures and governments; rather, it could be argued that the historic affinity between democracy and capitalism fosters the greater use of public relations practice in capitalistic economic systems while one could submit the corollary proposition that symmetrical practice of public relations inevitably will encourage nondemocratic nations to become more democratic’. The power of public relations to influence the opinion of the public even in severe issues like the political system of a particular state can be sometimes a threat for the market especially in cases where the targeted opinion has been formulated and imposed after a severe pressure from the party that will gain significant profit both directly or indirectly.
However, in many cases public relations can lead to positive outcomes. For this reason, Levy (2002, 34) stated that ‘PR power used early can not only reduce the consequences of human error and frailty but also help create positives -- more business, a better legislative climate and improved standing with the media -- via mass media coverage on social service activities; PR can make advertising claims more credible, and give the claims more impact, because when the mass media tell scores of millions that something is so, the ads that follow are not only more trusted but more interesting’. As an example to the above assumptions, the case of Wal – Mart is presented by the above researcher in an effort to support the credibility of his statements. More specifically, the research made in the area has revealed the existence of a case where public relations led to an increase of the performance of the company involved. As Levy found ‘Wal-Mart has increased its sales of high school class rings -- at 2,800 stores and online -- by including "how to buy" information in news releases; the stories make potential customers feel more comfortable about buying (Levy, 2002, 34). From a similar point of view it has been ...
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