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Middle-aged and older people observation

It is well known that no two persons are alike and I have found the same in almost every body but the most significant and identifiable aspect what I found is that the people within a particular age group tend to behave in almost the same manner. This almost similar behavior might be due to similar socio economic background from which they come from. Some of the middle-aged people coming from somewhat rich background tend to behave in a more dignified manner even though they are older than the people who are from a poor background.
With this observation what I really came to know is that older people who lead significantly decent life through ought their life have a deeper understanding towards their life and will try to act accordingly in public. On the other way round poor middle aged and older people do not try to behave accordingly in public and according to the situation. On older people there past life influences their present state of behavior a lot. I have observed six people who are all above fifty-eight years. The first person I have observed is an old man who has retired long back from Military Air force. He has receding hairline and is slender built but very active, red in color, very lively person and pretty intelligent, was very communicative, very popular among the people coming to the library. I was observing this person from almost a week and could gather most of the information related to by simply over hearing the discussion between their old friends in the public library. Since he was working in Air force earlier he is quite informative and communicative too. He has three children and all are working but no one is yet married. Being slender built he is very energetic and his actions are not at all like an old man. He even helps his fellow old men in climbing stairs. He is very popular among women coming to the library. He discusses all issues going in his home and even enquires about others ...
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Between a shopping mall, a park and a public library etc. I have chosen a public library, amusement park, spiritual center, community…
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