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The lack of genital sensation through injury, for instance, or the fact that somebody does not engage in sexual intercourse or fantasy, does not preclude him or her from being sexual.”1 From this definition it can be seen that a person’s sexuality will largely depend on how he or she feels about his or her self and what are the life experiences that leads to such feelings. As an individual develops into an adult, several factors mould the person’s perceptions. Historical, cultural, social, economical and political backgrounds play a major role in determining the personality of an individual and all these aspects will reflect on the person’s attitude, including his or her approach to sexuality. The said factors may also influence the person’s sexual orientation. Thus, sexuality cannot be understood from a single point of view or perspective because human sexual behaviour is complex and has a wide range. Therefore, it has engaged the interest of philosophers and psychologists right from the ancient times. The eastern cultures, especially the Indians, have explored the topic with an aesthetic approach. The book ‘Kamasutra’ written by a sage named Vatsyayana, is a classic example where “sexuality is acknowledged as a form of psychic energy which can legitimately find expression in a myriad ways, ranging from tender romantic love and conjugal concord to straightforward lust.”2 This theory focuses on the different ways of sexual expression, and it recognises both tender love and lust as reasonable sexual expressions. It also doesn’t believe that any such sexual expression should be considered as immodest. ...
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It encompasses the sexual orientations and describes the importance of sexual expression in a person’s life. …
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