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Is The World Really Becoming A Global Village?

This essay stresses that the majority of the world is still separated politically, economically, and culturally. People still fear the unknown, change, and those who look at the world with different perceptions and beliefs to theirs. War still rages, international crime continues, terrorist acts murder innocent people on a daily basis, and we still haven’t been able to feed the world. Why does the Western world think it has anything to offer?
This paper makes a conclusion that it was not so long ago that the West smiled to itself when hearing reports telling of Chinese and Russians donning blue jeans and bopping to rock music. Somehow everyone knew that this meant that we were winning. And, perhaps, some of that confidence was justified – after all we are constantly penetrating the “enemy” through modern media, television, cinema, and the Internet. However, is the imposing of our brave new world really the best possible outcome? In time, perhaps, these barriers will be broken down as modern technology is implemented with physical networks, opening up new channels of communication. But at what price? Is man really capable of moving forwards without destroying cultures, traditions, and belief systems? Will we crush ethnic groups by enforcing our worldview in the name of progress? A look back at history doesn’t allow for much hope, and yet we must forge ahead if we are serious about becoming an international community that allows equality and the liberty of all mankind. ...
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This paper will firstly deal with the term “Global Village”, and the different interpretations of this contemporary concept. The paper will discuss different social, political, religious, and ethnic worldviews, and the challenges that are presented to mankind through recent technologic advances…
Author : marvinerin

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