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Should society recognize animal rights, even to the extent of disallowing the use of animals in scientific and medical experiments? - Essay Example

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Should society recognize animal rights, even to the extent of disallowing the use of animals in scientific and medical experiments?

The comment on this report concludes that to some extent there may be grounds to support the argument for the use of monkeys in medical research, however no blanket decisions can be made because each case must be evaluated individually to assess the beneficial effect of the medicine as opposed to the harm caused to the animals.
Evidence that is provided in this article includes figures on number of animals used in medical experiments, as well as the percentages of animals used in toxicology studies. It also provides information on the development of vaccines, as well as providing evidence of other methods that may be used for the same purpose that does not involve the use of animals. The article also provides evidence on cell and molecular biology, in-silico technology, computer modeling, microdosing and the use of transgenic mice.
The author of this report is David Weatherall. Although this author has commented on and explained the contents of a report that was sponsored by the Medical Council, he is himself the Chairman of the working group which actually produced and prepared the report on the use of non human primates in research, which was sponsored by the Medical Council. The author has clarified that the comments he has made are not necessarily those that reflect the view of the report’s sponsors.
The Report which is the subject of this article was published by the Wellcome Trust and the Academy of Medical Sciences, however this particular report on the article was published in the Lancet, a reputed newspaper. Therefore, this is a report published by a reputed publisher and sponsored by a reputed body.
This report is very timely in the context of the controversies that have been raging over the use of animals for purposes of scientific and medical research. The report has also undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the various methods ...
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These animals are being used to develop vaccines for AIDS, malaria and other disorders. The article discusses a report sponsored by the…
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