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Harvard Business Review Article: The COOP

Coop Chicken is a business established 20 years ago that had achieve 15 consecutive years of double digit growth. Last year for the first instead of growth the restaurant chain experience a sales growth deceleration in 20 of its 76 stores. This report examines the situation at Coop chicken and provides recommendations on the alternative solution the owner and the management proposed to turn things around for the company.
The customers that constantly utilized the services of fast food restaurant for their eating needs base their decision on several factors. These customers are very sensitive to price and also desire a quality meal to be served in a very fast fashion. Delays in the delivery of the food service are judged very negatively by the users of these establishments since many fast-food eaters are working people who have a limited amount of time to eat or dinner before going back to work. The major players in the industry such as KFC and McDonalds set time standards which others players in the industry such as Coop Chicken must follow.
The ownership and management team put together a series of proposals all with the same common purpose of obtaining feedback from the potential customers of the enterprise. The internal leadership of the company is in disagreement over the best alternative course of action. The person with the final say is the owner of the company who is a traditional business man who believes spending money in market research is something unnecessary since it is his opinion that the management team and their current staff should be able to gather the necessary information themselves. He is keeping an open mind about all proposals and is will to do what it takes including investing in market research if it will help turns things around at Chicken Coop.
The vice president of marketing, Anita McMichael, has two proposals to find the root of the problem at Coop. Her first proposal involves ...
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The customer is focal point of any business strategy and they are the stakeholder that must be targeted in order for a company to…
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