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Euthanasia - Right or wrong? - Essay Example

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It is the deliberate and intentional killing of a person on the medical basis and it is said to be for the benefit of the person. It is usually done by the permission of the…

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Euthanasia - Right or wrong?

As keeping in mind that it is actually his own life which he wants to terminate.
The other point that comes under ethics is that what should be the circumstances under which Euthanasia should be allowed. Euthanasia cannot be allowed in any normal circumstances but only when there is no other option left for the patient as well as the physician.
Many people believe that the Euthanasia should no be allowed in any case. According to them there is a chance that it can be used as rivalry or might be used as a cover for murder. When see it closely there is very less difference in killing and letting someone die. Killing can be either giving a person any lethal injection and by letting someone die is to see any person who is about to die and do nothing for him or her.
Euthanasia is said to be a pain relief. The doctor gives a lethal injection to the patient in order to relieve him or her from the pain and he never intended to kill him. This is known as Doctrine of Double Effect. It is sometimes known as “easy killing”.
Normally people think that the only reason for asking Euthanasia is the unbearable pain and suffering but the recent research in USA and Netherlands proved that the less than a third of requests were because of severe and unbearable pain and suffering.
If a person is in a condition of long illness and his or her personal life is severely damaged due to his illness and isolation. He may be having a worst relation with his or her spouse, children or friends. His may be in danger of loosing his job, in these circumstances, the only thing that attacked him is depression and fear. The fear of loosing his job, the fear of loosing his family, the fear of being deserted by his friends, fear to loose his control over his life and fear of loosing his dignity, he might imagine himself as a burden on his family and on earth, he might think of himself as a ...
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