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Among the various ways to analyze the subject of pornography, a very prominent approach is to view the issue from the point of view of the feminists, who feel that “the most terrible thing about pornography is that it tells male truth. The most insidious thing about pornography is that it tells male truth as if it were universal truth.” (Dworin 42). There are other views which consider pornography as a popular concept. Many often, the discussions have centered on the familiar questions regarding this popular concept and the intellectuals, following their traditional role, arbitrate on such questions for the benefit of the society. However, it is of important observation that the result of such an approach “has been to neglect the actual conditions under which the great bulk of pornography has been produced and consumed as an object of popular taste.” (Ross 175). In the modern life we are provided with ample examples of this popularity of pornography and, to note a specific instance, many often when you are in a video library you find an adolescent entering the library and asking the shop keeper something very secret. And the keeper is engaged in some secret discussions and searching and you soon gather that they are finding the most popular porn films and videos. Then you think why they are confused or why they take much time for the selection of some popular video. The simple reason will be that most of the videos that the shop keeper suggests are already watched by the customer and they are seriously in search for the best one that suits the customer’s demands. Such a situation is the most common one in the new age and the popularity of pornography has reached greater heights.
According to Andrew Rose, the specific claims raised by the feminists on the issue of pornography have got significance and they need to be clearly comprehended. There are, of course, two remarkable views that the feminist antiporn ...
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In the modern age which questions the validity of every established practice or convention, by deconstructing the ideas and concepts with the assistance of lofty theories, one of the chief and popular topics to be tested is that of pornography. The validity analysis of such a…
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