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In fact, at the very beginning of The Iliad, Achilles is upset (to say the least) with Agamemnon, and asks his mother, Thetis, to intervene by convincing Zeus to favor Achilles. Thetis does this, and it offends the goddess Hera. So goes the course of actions in The Iliad. At different times throughout The Iliad, the action scenes are actually gods and goddesses fighting amongst, and betraying, one another. This is very different from Troy, in which all of the action revolves around the main characters fighting
Homer’s The Iliad is just his precursor for The Odyssey, so one of the other obvious differences is that The Iliad ends with the funeral of Hector. Troy ends with the burning of the city, citizens fleeing for their lives, and the death of Achilles. Again, the importance of these details depends on what watchers of Troy already know. Students and scholars might be a little more inclined to deem the movie version unrealistic; however, those without prior knowledge or passion for the material may not care that Troy seems to be one long saga, rather than two separate pieces of epic poetry.
David Benioff is the screenwriter who adapted Homer’s visions. Not speaking technically, he did a good job. Troy director Wolfgang Peterson did, of course, stray some from Homer’s vision, but overall the movie seemed to be an attempt to please even the layperson. Benioff’s translations are uncomplicated. The language of more modern versions of The Iliad is easy, which is what Benioff was after. Older, less translated versions of The Iliad are much more complicated. More often than not, novice readers would be more comfortable with the format Benioff uses. Even with the screenwriting and director’s license, the movie basically conveys Homer’s theme. The Iliad is a love story. So is Troy. The Iliad is action-packed. So is Troy.
The mood of Troy is somewhat different than The ...
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Turning an excellent epic poem into a movie is even more so. This essay is designed to briefly compare the 2004 blockbuster, Troy, to Homer’s The Iliad, and then dissect the scene in which Agamemnon and Achilles fight for Briseis.
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