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The point of research is to determine the effectiveness of employing Comic Strip conversations to increase social interaction and decrease loneliness among children afflicted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Melinda Pierson and Barbara Glaeser of California State University in…

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Consequently, their relationships are highly restricted leading to social alienation in ASD-afflicted children, one of the main characteristics of autism. However they often do not have a good understanding of their relationships. Though the overall quality of friendships shared by autistic children is found to be quite poor, they may perceive it as much stronger and closer than what their peers might think.
There have been prior studies using comic strip conversations to teach a child with autism, which have yielded positive results. This kind of teaching allows students to interact with their teacher despite difficulties in language and expression. Comic Strip conversations are basically taken from real life, which allows students to pick up social skills. The strips are designed to provide students with alternatives for behaviour that has a direct impact on their peer relationship.
In order to select the subjects for the study, the researchers observed students on a daily basis for two weeks and made notes of the social behaviour exhibited by them. They also made a note of the levels of loneliness and signs of social interaction difficulties experienced
Three students were selected on the basis of their behaviour deficiencies. Student-I complained of having no friends. His behaviour in the playground showed him displaying violent behaviour with his peers. Such behaviour was often displayed as a means to get the ball but more as a means to vent his frustration or anger at another student. Student-II was a shy child who lacked eye contract and social etiquette such as social greeting. Student-III displayed signs of non-co operation and cried often to get others to play a game of his choice. This student did not talk much and talked of not wanting to attend school.
The parents of the subjects were given forms seeking permission for allowing their ...
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