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Psychology - Essay Example

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I believe that individuals embarking on a career in this field need to have qualities as empathy, perseverance and compassion. Mental health professionals also need a rigorous academic background…

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I have a sound educational backing with a minor in Psychology. My educational experiences have taught me the importance of staying organized, studying diligently and meeting deadlines. I have greatly enjoyed learning about the theories and theorists in my Psychology courses and have a great desire to further my studies in this area so I can help other people overcome obstacles in their lives.
In addition to my educational experiences, I have work related skills that make me a good candidate for your Mental Health Master’s program. I have worked for the past year as a teacher. I have had the opportunity to work with many types of children. Some are motivated and excited by learning. Others have many problems, both cognitive and emotional. These are the children that I was most concerned with helping. Some days the work was exhausting. Helping these children that had so many problems has taught me to never quit. This attitude of perseverance has served me well in my current teaching position and will serve me well in my studies in your program. Difficult problems often take time and tenacity to overcome. I have learned this by working with these children.
Another attribute I have learned as a teacher is how to communicate clearly with the children’s parents. Many of these parents are difficult to deal with because they are frustrated by their child’s academic performance. I have learned that showing empathy for these parents and clearly expressing expectations to them helps them to cope with their child’s behavior in school. I realize that as I enter the field of professional mental health, these types of parents and children may be my clients. As a result of my teaching experience, I have gained a great desire to help these people that struggle to cope with their daily lives.
A final attribute I have acquired as a result of work experience is compassion. I have experience working as a ...
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