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undecided - Admission/Application Essay Example

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My father is an American whereas my mother is Japanese. I ended up having a US citizen since I was born in the US. Despite my nationality, I spent most of my childhood days in Japan given that my parents have decided that I…

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During my school age years, I have attended Japanese schools when I was in elementary. Despite the fact that there are some occasions wherein I had to live in the US for some time to visit my father, the time I spent in a Japanese school enabled me to develop a better understanding about the Japanese culture and tradition.
At one point, my father insisted that it is equally important for me to be able to deal with different nationality and culture. For this reason, my parents decided to enroll me at an International school based in Japan where I completed high school. Looking back on my past experiences during high school days, I remember myself trying to cope with each nationality, race, and culture. Eventually, it made me able to appreciate each human being. I also ended up being able to identify and praise the uniqueness of each person.
My educational experiences made me able to positively deal with different cultural issues and traditions. It also strengthened my competitive advantages as an employee who works in media and broadcasting entertainment based in Japan for more than 20 years.
Because of my research skills and ability to write fluent English, the company had always trusted me with different research activities related to a wide-range of topics such as the latest mobile technology and other written materials concerning the Asian and Western culture. Aside from my writing skills, I am also capable of speaking fluent English. Considering that I am very much familiar with the different culture and traditions in each nationality, my immediate boss at work would normally make me the ‘front-liner’ of our team whenever there is a need for the group to communicate with foreigners.
My career goal does not end with being employed in a media and broadcasting entertainment as staff. In fact, one of my biggest dreams is to be able to start my own media company someday. Because ...
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