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social policy and comparative studies - scotland

Men have always been in control of economic affairs especially in large businesses and governance. Women have mostly remained in the background, with a major task of caring for children and other household chores (International Labor Organization, 2007, p.3). This essay is important in order to highlight the issues that affect migrant women in the labor market, and identify some possible solutions to these issues.
It is the movement of people from one place to another, either as an individual or in masses. People may either move over long or short distances to stay over long or short periods of time. Industrialization has been a major encouragement for migration. This is because people tend to move to the industrialized areas that present employment opportunities as well as market created by the large number of people who seek employment in the established industries. Financial globalization has also encouraged globalization of labor leading to high levels of migration, especially from the less developed economies to the developed economies. Initially, men were predominant amongst the migrants. However, with recent empowerment of women in acquiring skills, their competitiveness in the labor market has improved. The need to satisfy financial needs has seen women actively participating in the labor market (Anne Stewart 2007: 4 Dec. 2008).
With high dependence on agriculture in the less developed countries, population increase has led to reduced agricultural land and people have to look for alternative ways of earning a livelihood. Migration of women is mainly triggered by the desire to feed their families. With modern transportation, migration has been made easy. People can move conveniently all over the world so long as they can afford to meet the cost. Most of the migrants from the less developed economies move to developed ones to offer ...
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There are certain characteristics in both genders that are distinct. Men are physically strong and can withstand harsh working conditions. Women play a significant role in the society in bringing up children. However, both…
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