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Essay example - Advertisig portfolio

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The layout of the ad is good, with the color scheme of red leather jacket combined with black nails and the background of fire drawing the attention of the viewer. This…

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The copywriting also suggests the devilish association but keeps itself pithy and short, which is the best way to drive the message home.
The second advertisement for Heinz ketchup (Appendix) is a good advertisement because it is creative and unexpected. The advertisement reads, “No one grows ketchup like Heinz”. This is an example of excellent copywriting; it adheres to the norms of being clear, direct and simple (Burton and Purvis, 1996). It is quickly and easily grasped and striking because it literally transmits its message for tomato ketchup by using the image of fresh tomatoes. There is no further clutter in the ad, so a viewer zeroes in on the image of the Heinz tomato “bottle” and the message. Since consumers typically view a print for less than 15 seconds (Pieters, Rosbergen and Hartog, 1996), this ad is likely to gain attention quickly and drive the message home equally home, hence as an ad, it is very effective.
The third advertisement for the Mini car is a masterpiece, primarily because of the layout format it uses. The advertisement occupies a full two page spread but the car occupies only a small corner. The juxtaposition of tire tracks with the staples at the centre of the page is yet another element that adds to the message of the advertisement and draws attention to its quality of smallness which makes the car desirable. McQuarrie and Mick (1996) have defined advertising rhetoric as an expression that systematically diverges from the expectation of the viewer by moving away from convention. This advertisement also achieves the move away from convention, especially in terms of its layout and the simple direct message inviting the viewer to try the Mini. The sparse copywriting in this ad only enhances its efficacy; it is simple, direct and drives the point home.
The fourth advertisement for fabric softener is also a ...
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