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Hypertext and information design

far as hypermedia is concerned, hypermedia can be described as the documents that have the ability information associated to several media, due to which, the information is allowed to be linked by the help of associations. Hypermedia files can be called as multimedia files with hypertext links (Farkas 2004a). Hypermedia has various layers of information.
Hypertext is a useful approach as there are many merits attached to it. Hypertext facilitates us with nodes, links and navigation due to which, we do not face the problem of being lost. We can revert to our position if we go wrong with the help of links and navigations (Conklin 1987). The nodes are small chunks of information. The information that is widespread is divided into nodes and those nodes are linked through links and to go from one link to another, navigations are employed. The hypertext documents can exist into two categories: static and dynamic. Static documents cannot be changed but only be read and viewed while dynamic documents can be changed according to the users’ needs.
Due to hypertext, the users are helped with user interface due to which, they have a friendly view for information retrieval. Information design is a not an easy task and the designers and developers are required to arrange the nodes of information in a sequential and logical manner (Farkas 2004a). In hypertext, the user uses the tools due to which, he/she is facilitated with an efficient way to deal with information. Information design is facilitated because of hypertexts.
Hypertext theory and concepts are useful to the theory and practice of information design. The information that is designed with the help of hypertext is in non-linear format (Conklin 1987). Also information that is designed is in dynamic style as well in static. The static hypertext documents show information design in a format that does not allow the user to input his/her requirements or criteria in the web page. The dynamic hypertext documents show ...
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Hypertext can be considered as an approach that is employed for managing text and graphical information due to which, the users can switch from one topic to another according to their requirements and needs (Farkas 2004a). The readers and users of hypertext are allowed to view…
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